Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be a certified tow truck operator in the State of Utah?
Anyone who will operate a tow truck needs to go through a tow truck driving course approved by Utah’s Department of Transportation. Each person must register with their own account and information and go through a course.
How do I prove that I have completed my certification course?
Once you complete the course, you will have a certificate that you should print out and either keep in your wallet or in your truck while you are operating it. If you lose or need a new copy of your certificate, log back into your account and print out a new one.
What information is covered in this class?
In this training, you learn both Utah and federal tow truck requirements. We denote Utah Specific rules with a beehive icon.
What is the exam like?
There will be 40 random multiple choice questions in the exam at the end of the content. You must pass with at least 75% correct answers to receive your certificate.
What happens if I do not pass my test?
If you do not pass your test, you will be able to retake your test up to three times. You will be required to go through all of the material again before retaking the test.
How much does the course and exam cost?
The class and exam costs $50.00--the most affordable program!
How long does is my certification valid?
Your certification lasts two years.
Do I have to recertify and when?
Yes, you must recertify every two years, within two months of your certificate expiring. To recertify, you can go through this course again, which will have the updated federal and Utah laws related to tow truck operations.