For a new Tow Motor Carrier Certificate, please provide the following:

  • INSURANCE - Copy of your MCS-90 and Accord Insurance certificates (1,000,000 liability required)
  • TOW OPERATORS - List of all tow truck operators employed anytime during the previous 6 months. Document each operator's name, hire & termination date, driver license number, and provide image or copy each driver’s tow truck driver certification and DOT medical certificate.
  • TOW VEHICLES - List of all tow vehicles operated. Document your vehicle list by VIN, license plate, and unit#. Proof of valid registration must be provided for each vehicle. Once company certification has been issued, we can then inspect your tow truck(s) and issue a valid UDOT decal.
  • OFFICE - Photo image of posted fees displayed, certifications displayed (Company and Driver, issued by UDOT) for customers to see when vehicle is retrieved. Also provide a copy of your company's "bill of rights" form with a statement indicating how and when it's provided.
  • TOWING INVOICES – Provide 30 non-consent tow invoices for each tow truck operator from the previous 30 days. (Note: Non-consent tow includes law enforcement dispatched accidents). Example of a tow ticket the company will be using for new companies.
  • BACKGROUND CHECK – Per HB393 using BCI’s ABC (Applicant Background Check) program, Provide evidence each operator has submit to a fingerprint-based criminal background check required by 72-9-602(2)(a)(i) using BCI’s ABC (Applicant Background Check) program. Compliance is verified by PDF report(s), obtained from the account, being submitted for each tow truck operator. Ensure encrypted methods are used if PDF report is provided by Email or Fax.

  • Note: To access ABC application form, go to BCI’s web site:, click box: Forms & Applications, click box: Employment/Volunteer Background Check Forms, click link: Application to Become a Qualified Entity for Background Checks on Employees or Volunteers. Contact BCI at 801-965-4445, prompt 6, with questions regarding account setup, management, and rules.

    If you need assistance from BCI, you can call 801-965-4445 option 6

  • MCS-150 – Ensure MCS-150 is updated. (Update online at:
  • Complete, sign,and return the attached Tow Truck Motor Carrier and Operator Certification application forms.

See the attached PDFs

BCI Tow Requirements
TTMC Operator Certification Application Redo
TTMC Certification Application Redo

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